Fire Sprinkler

Do you need a safe, effective fire sprinkler design?

Lopez Design, LLC has more than 27 years’ experience in creating fire sprinkler designs, installations and inspections, and we are looking forward to helping you! It is essential to plan the best fire protection design for your building that will provide safety and security for its occupants. Many sprinkler systems installed today are crafted through an area and density approach, which depends on the facility’s level of fire hazard.

The classifications include the following:

  • Light Hazard
  • Ordinary Hazard Group 1
  • Ordinary Hazard Group 2
  • Extra Hazard Group 1
  • Extra Hazard Group 2

Using the classification, a design area and density can be determined by referencing the National Fire Protection Association’s standards. We determine the design area and density of the building and make calculations to ensure the system can deliver the required amount of water.

We design and build fire protection systems for commercial  and residential buildings to get the best protection for the occupants of your facility!