Fire Design


Our goal at Lopez Design, LLC is to ensure safety and peace of mind to all building managers and occupants in Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Washington and Virginia Areas. We are a team of designers, installers, inspectors educated in building and maintaining fire protection systems for optimum protection. We are all NICET certified and hold to a high value of professionalism.

We specialize in providing fire sprinkler inspections, installation, maintenance, and testing for all types of facilities.

It is important that each building’s fire systems meet the appropriate codes and regulations. Corrosion, damage, incorrect spacing, and leaks in facilities can weaken the system’s ability to function properly. At times, paint on sprinkler heads may require further examination and testing for reliability. It’s also recommended that a sprinkler inspection be done every time there is a major change in occupancy, changes in water supply, or a water meter is added to the system.

It’s our mission to save lives and protect property!

We at Lopez Design, LLC work to develop a plan for a fire sprinkler inspection program that will specifically meet the needs of your facility. We are a small but mighty team, committed to holding true to our values and meeting our customers’ needs. We expect to get working on your system as soon as the next day–no weeks of waiting for service! Our mission is to save lives and protect property.

We hold to these standards of safety:

We believe in treating our customers with honesty and respect
We offer the best prices for highest quality of work
We ensure each system meets the National Fire Protection Association codes and requirements
We perform each project with excellence and dedication